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Answered Questions About Roll Off Dumpsters

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Are you getting ready for a large remodeling project? Are you trying to decide whether or not it's worth getting roll out dumpsters? When trying to decide between getting a roll out dumpster or simply taking your garbage straight to the dump, there are questions that you may have about the whole process. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions:

How big are roll out dumpsters? This answer is going to depend on your local waste management company. Some companies offer several sizes, while others will offer just one size to all their customers. When you ask for details, the company will probably give you the measurement in cubic yards. However, they should also have the dimensional measurements in feet and inches available when you ask.

What's needed before the arrival of any roll off dumpsters? This depends on the company you are dealing with and the municipality where the dumpster will be residing while in use. While most cities probably won't require a permit if the dumpster is kept on private property, a permit will almost certainly be required if you intend to have the dumpster left on the street. The company you intend to rent the dumpster from should be able to tell you whether or not a permit is required for your situation and whether it will be you or them who should file the permit request with the city.

What is not permitted to be disposed of in roll off dumpsters? If your local dump won't take certain materials, neither will the dumpster company. Commonly prohibited items include things like car batteries, used or partially full paint cans, lead batteries and containers of pesticide or herbicide. If your project involves any of these items, you will still have to take them to be properly disposed of at your local hazardous waste facility. If you decide to throw them away in your roll off dumpsters anyway, the dumpster company may charge you a hefty hazardous waste fee if they are discovered.

Will there be any additional costs for a roll off dumpster rental? Make sure you ask before renting whether the fees are absolute or if there are also additional weight charges. Some companies will charge you the same amount for disposal, no matter how full the dumpster is. Other companies will charge you an extra disposal fee, based on the dumpster's weight when full, after your rental is complete.

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