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How To Identify And Value A Piece Of Scrap Metal

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If you are thinking about recycling a type of metal, it's important to identify the piece so you can begin the process of preparing it to be recycled. Different types of metal are worth different amounts of money. However, there are several ways that you can test the metal to find out how much it is worth.

Why Value Matters

Knowing how much your metal is worth is important regardless of whether you intend to sell or donate your metal. By knowing the type of metal, you'll be able to find a service that will be able to take it. Also, you'll know whether you should prioritize recycling a particular type of metal if you are breaking down equipment and searching for scrap metal.

If you intend to sell your scrap metal for profit, it's important to check the scrap metal prices before you begin recycling. Fortunately, there are many digital solutions that can give you the price for each type of metal quickly.

The First Steps

Before you test the metal, you'll want to remove any contaminants. This will make sure that nothing interferes with your ability to identify the piece. You will want to remove paint, oil, and dirt from your scrap metal. These will reduce the value of the metal and will also make it more difficult to identify it.

Testing the Metal

An easy way to determine if what you have even is metal is to tap it with a hammer. Objects that are not made out of metal break very easily when tapped with a hammer. You will also be able to determine how hard the object is by running a carbon steel file over it to see if it leaves a mark.

Ferrous Vs. Non-Ferrous

The easiest initial step when identifying scrap metal is to use a magnet to test the metal to determine if it's ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous metals, such as iron, are typically considered to be less valuable.

The Purity of Your Metal

The grading of the metal is also very important regardless of the type of metal you are recycling. A piece of metal that has a very high grade is considered to be very pure. As a result, it's easier to recycle and has more value. Once you have learned everything you can about the metal you are recycling, it's time to haul it to a local scrap metal recycling service.

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