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5 Reasons To Recycle Copper

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Copper is a valuable scrap metal in the recycling industry. This non-ferrous metal is a great conductor of heat and electricity and is highly flexible. Additionally, copper is highly recyclable. These properties make it a versatile material and in high demand by many manufacturers. If you have junk in your home, some of it may be products made from copper. Recycling copper scrap is an excellent way to clear out your space while making good cash. If the prospect of earning from scrap does not excite you, here are five more reasons to recycle copper.

1. Recycling Copper Protects The Environment

When excessive copper ends up in the soil, it accumulates in plants, limiting their chances of survival. Animals that ingest copper accumulated in plants may also suffer from copper poisoning. You help reduce the risks associated with copper absorption by recycling copper, thus promoting environmental conservation. Additionally, recycling copper minimizes the need for copper mining, which releases excessive amounts of copper into the environment.  

2. Most Scrap Yards Accept Copper

The energy costs of copper mining are significantly high, making virgin copper very expensive. On the other hand, copper scrap recycling requires 85%-90% less energy than copper extraction, resulting in lower costs for recycled copper. Most manufacturers choose recycled copper over virgin copper to reduce production costs. Due to its high demand among manufacturers, most scrap metal recyclers buy copper scrap from you.

3. It is Easy To Find

You may find copper in your gutters, old wiring, and plumbing fixtures. If you have old electronics lying around, you may dismantle them and strip off the copper in their wiring. You can also find vast amounts of copper when you're remodeling your home. Therefore, if you have a scheduled home renovation, do not throw away the old piping your contractor may remove from your home.

4. Recycling Copper Supports The Economy

A 75% increase in recycling would create employment for 1.1 million American citizens. By recycling copper, you get to be among the people that create jobs for millions of people. Recycling copper scrap creates jobs for people to collect, process copper scrap, and manufacture products from recycled copper. Additionally, you make it cheaper for companies that make copper products to access the raw material by recycling copper. Lower production costs translate to increased productivity and consequently help reduce the costs of copper products.

5. Recycling Protects Natural Resources

Like any other natural resource acquired through mining, copper ores may run out with excessive mining. Recycling helps prevent the depletion of copper reserves. By protecting virgin copper reserves, you ensure that there will be enough copper to facilitate manufacturing and production in the future. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers copper scrap recycling.