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Keys To Using A Transfer Station For Recycling Purposes

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If your worksite has a lot of materials to recycle, one of the best places you can visit is a recycling transfer station. They're dedicated stations for recycling and waste purposes. Just make sure you utilize these tips when visiting one.

See What Materials Can Be Recycled First

You don't want to show up at a transfer station and then not be able to recycle some of your materials. That would be inconvenient because you would have to take these materials back and figure out other recycling solutions for them. As a precaution, find out what materials can be recycled first by the transfer station that's nearest to your work site.

They will make this list readily available so you don't have to guess about this aspect of recycling. Then, you'll just need to sort your materials appropriately before getting ready to take them to the transfer station. 

Find Out Which Hours Don't Involve Ample Traffic 

If you want to make this recycling process as convenient as possible for your company, find out which hours aren't that busy for the transfer station. Then you can time your recycling accordingly and subsequently not have to deal with a lot of traffic and people.

Some transfer stations will document which hours are the busiest and then post these results online. Others take it a step further and offer live footage from traffic cameras, so you can see exactly what the activity is like around the transfer station at any point.

Review Rates According to Material Type

Once you find out what materials are accepted by the transfer station and have them organized to make this drop-off user-friendly, you want to find out what rates your materials are currently going for. It helps to double-check this aspect to make sure you're getting fair money for your recycling efforts.

There should be a list of materials accepted and their going rates currently. Gather these rates and compare them with other transfer stations. Then you'll know if your materials are priced correctly or not.

Transfer stations make it pretty easy for companies to recycle various materials that pile up over the weeks and months. You just want to find out a couple of things before visiting one in real-time, such as materials accepted, rates, and traffic activity. Then you'll have stress-free recycling experiences each time. 

For more information, contact a local transfer station, like Nevada Recycling & Salvage.