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Benefits Of Using On-Site Pickup As A Battery Recycling Service Option

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If you operate a large manufacturing business, you know how fast you can go through batteries. These batteries can range from traditional small commercial batteries to sealed lead acid batteries. Though you may use a battery recycling service, you may not be using the services that can truly benefit your company. One of these services is an on-site pickup option. If this is available to you, and you haven't considered it yet, here are some benefits to think about.

Bulk Pickup

One of the leading benefits of using on-site pickup from battery recycling services is bulk pickup. In some cases, you may have to take different batteries to different drop stations. This is due to the materials used in the batteries and how they are recycled. When you use a pickup service, they will generally take any of the batteries you have at the same time. This means you can have all the old batteries removed safely from the property without concern of different pickup dates or services.

Reduced Waste Removal Costs

An area that many manufacturing businesses struggle with is waste removal. In most cases, there is waste removal for general waste, construction waste, hazardous waste, and green waste. These different forms of waste removal services can rise in cost over time. However, if you decide to go with onsite pickup for your battery waste and disposal, you can reduce the different waste costs and give yourself a more budgeted option.

Refurbished Program

Many of the battery recycling services that offer on-site pickup also offer a refurbishing program. This means they will remove the batteries from your site, and in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, they bring refurbished batteries to your location. This can cut down new battery purchase costs and keep your manufacturing running smoothly with the batteries you need. If you need batteries more often, you can work something out with the various services the company offers.

When you are ready to sign on for the on-site pickup battery recycling services available to your company, contact your local battery recycling center. They can schedule a pickup time for you and inform you on how to pick up the containers for the recycling. They can also discuss special refurbishing options with you if you would like to take part in those programs as well. Remember, many of the recycling services will offer other services to help your battery supplies as well. Make sure to consult with the business to take part in these various services.