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Making Extra Money With Scrap Metals

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You may have extra money collecting dust in your yard, basement, or garage, in the form of scrap metal. While ferrous metals such as steel require a substantial amount to justify the expense of transporting it to a scrap yard, other heavily used metals can bring good prices. 

Prices for recycling scrap metals vary according to world demand, but there is always some money to be made on scrap metals such as:


Copper provides the highest scrap prices of readily available metals. The amount paid per pound for copper will depend on its purity.

Scrap copper can be found in such items as:

Copper pipe

"Clean" copper pipe, which hasn't be corrupted by solder and other chemical compounds, brings the highest prices, while copper pipe that has been rescued from a renovation or repair job, and may be connected to other pieces by welding or soldering, will bring lower prices.

Copper wire

Copper wire that has been stripped of its outer insulation will bring the highest prices, while insulated wire will still be accepted for a lower payout. If you have a substantial amount of reclaimed or leftover wire, it will be worth the time and effort to purchase a wire stripper and remove the insulation before taking it to a scrap metal facility.

Copper flashing and downspouts

Older buildings often had roof flashing and downspouts made from sheet copper. While it is often coated with a green patina from age, it can still be salvaged and sold for scrap if you renovate your flashing and downspouts to a more modern (and less expensive) material.


Why put your old pop and beer cans in a recycling bin when you can take them yourself and be paid for your trouble? While aluminum is a lighter weight metal and doesn't pay as much as copper, it is also more frequently used by the average homeowner. You can smash your cans and place them in bins to be recycled when a sufficient quantity is collected.

Old aluminum siding can also be recycled, but if it is painted, it is tainted, so it will bring a slightly slower price. Old aluminum shelving units can also be taken to a recycling center, as well as other junk that may be cluttering your limited storage space

It is most cost effective to collect a decent amount of scrap metal before heading to the scrap yard. Of course, accumulated metal can become heavy, so don't overload your vehicle. Watch out for sharp edges too, both for your vehicle and yourself.

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