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How To Keep Dumpster Divers From Making A Mess Of Your Commercial Recycling Bins

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If you have commercial garbage and recycling bins and commingle your recycling, then you have probably encountered a few messes brought on by "dumpster divers". Their activities often result in an unsightly mess. There are ways to keep dumpster divers from turning your dumpsters inside out:

Get an Extra Dumpster and Separate Glass and Aluminum Out

Since these individuals are frequently after glass bottles and/or aluminum cans, get an extra bin for just glass and aluminum recyclables. That way, they are free to collect what they are looking for from the spare dumpster while your trash and cardboard is not strewn about.

Make sure to label the dumpsters clearly too, so that everyone who uses them and everyone that digs around in them knows exactly what is in each of them.

Increase Commercial Trash Removal Frequency

If you have a scheduled trash removal day with a private trash removal company, you can increase the frequency of your trash removal. Instead of once or twice a week, you could discuss options with the company to empty your bins three times a week or more, depending on how full they usually get and how often you have dumpster divers visiting the bins. It will discourage people from jumping in and rummaging through the contents.

Lock the Bins until Trash Day

Some trash removal companies offer lockable dumpsters. You place your own locks on the bins and keep them locked until the morning of trash collection. Tenants in an apartment building or employees in a restaurant or hotel would have their own dumpster access keys to open the bins and throw the garbage and recycling away. It is a little more complicated to manage, but it does guarantee that no one will be diving in your dumpsters any time soon.

A Combination of the Above Options

One other possible option is to get a bin just for recyclable glass bottles and aluminum cans but lock the bins for trash and cardboard. It removes most of the temptation that dumpster divers have when they encounter several open and full bins. It also helps you stay in compliance with local trash regulations, since some cities and states have made it illegal to dive into dumpsters and dig around in the trash. (It is potentially dangerous because those who jump into the dumpster may not be able to get back out before a refuse truck picks it up.) 

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