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8 Tips For Using A Dumpster Safely At Home

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Residential waste management is more than just picking up the refuse from your home. You can rent dumpsters from a company (such as a local outlet like B-P Trucking Inc) and use them during your renovation. Although you might not be aware of it, dumpsters can be potentially dangerous. Here are some tips for managing the dumpster at your home until it is picked up.

  1. Choose the right location. The dumpster has to be on firm ground and in an area in which it will not be an obstruction. Look for an area that is away from walls, power lines, and trees so that it can be easily picked up later. 
  2. Know what can and cannot go in the dumpster. The items you put in the dumpster can make it dangerous to others. As a safety precaution, avoid putting items, such as flammable materials, batteries, and tires in the dumpster. 
  3. Wear protective gear. Using protective gear can help prevent injuries when you are placing items in the dumpster. A pair of work gloves and safety boots will not only prevent cuts, but can also make your walk to and around the dumpster safer.
  4. Keep children and pets away. Dumpsters can be inviting to children. A child or pet that climbs into the dumpster could be accidentally injured by the items tossed into it. Warn children away and keep pets in a safe place until the dumpster is gone.
  5. Do not stand in the dumpster. Some people are tempted to climb into the dumpster and rearrange the waste inside in an effort to gain more space. Instead of possibly injuring yourself doing this, stand on a stepladder on the side of it and move items from there.
  6. Do not overload the dumpster. An overloaded dumpster is more difficult for the waste management company to safely cart away. Fill it to the top and stop.
  7. Close lids and doors. Whenever you are not actively using the dumpster, close the doors and lids. This will help to keep children, unwanted visitors, and vandals out of the dumpster.
  8. Never smoke near the dumpster. A fire can develop quickly in and around the dumpster with the help of a cigarette. Ban friends, family, and workers from smoking in the area near the dumpster. 

Dumpsters are an easy way to remove large amounts of waste from your home during projects. To ensure that you get the most out of the dumpster, make sure everyone involved in the project practices safety.